Childhood Vaccinations: A Cloudy Issue

This topic is highly controversial and one that my wife and I have been looking into for some time now. Coverage of it was actually requested by our friend Katie Gullo, so here it is. I’d like to start by saying I do not have any children yet and realize it is an entirely different story when it is your child that you are rolling the dice in either direction with. However, we’ve listened and studied substantial amounts of text and data regarding the subject in order to be able to render sound advice and eventually apply it to our own lives. The following reflects that search.

As was stated in the previous post pertaining to the flu, the purpose of a vaccine is to create a remembered response in your immune system. The thought process being that by introducing you to an attenuated or killed form of the causative virus, anti-bodies will be created by your immune system and the next time your body comes in contact with this virus, the anti-bodies will have already been formed and ready to protect. This is a fantastic theory and would make life so delightful if it were truly that simple. As noted in the flu post, vaccines do not come toting an isolated virus, but rather with a toxic cocktail of additional ingredients. (See my previous ‘Flu Shot???’ post to review ingredients and potential hazards.) Let’s look at other thought provoking facts that accompany the introduction and evolution of vaccines.

Many of your vaccines for modern day infectious diseases were introduced at a time when the incidence of the disease in question was already in serious decline to begin with. Some argue that the selection of diseases was done on purpose to create the illusion that the vaccines were responsible for the protection. In order to grasp this idea, one would have to come to terms with the fact that medicine is big business. Fear of sickness or even death is a powerful motivator and can be utilized effectively in order to subject the masses to these immunizations.

To take it one step further, any big business cannot succeed and thrive without revenue generated by customers. In this case, the customers are the sick and dying. What better way to ensure the existence of dependent customers than to inject them with poisons early on. Incentives can be paid to doctors in order to push and partake in the mass vaccination. If you start to meet resistance due to free speech, you can then begin to make it pseudo-mandatory by refusing to admit kids to schools and firing people from their jobs. Do I believe that this is the story? Maybe not in such simple terms, but it is something to think about. And that’s what this is about; hitting you with ideas and perspectives to spark your own interest and own research in order to make the best possible decision.

Some of the most damning evidence supporting this theory came from a man who not only lived through it, but was an active participant. Dr. Robert S. Mendelshon was an American pediatrician who later became well known for criticizing his profession. Mendelshon recounts that doctors were actually approached and offered $5 for every case of Polio they would diagnosis. This created a huge spike in the number of cases and a public outcry for a fix. This also created a perfect entry point for the introduction and fabricated success of a Polio vaccine. As the vaccine was implemented, the doctors ceased diagnosing Polio and thus the allusion of success was created. However, today there exists a disease labeled, “Acute Flaccid Paralysis (AFP),” which signs and symptoms are indistinguishable from Polio. Cleverly, a new name was created for the same disease, otherwise the faith would be lost in the vaccine process.

The scarier part about this correlation is that AFP is occurring in people who have indeed received the Polio vaccination. This was a trend acknowledged by the very creator of the Polio vaccine, Dr. Salk, who decades ago pointed out that the vaccine is now causing most of the remaining cases. This terrifying act of reckless stubbornness is similar to what occurred with Small Pox, when the disease reportedly carried on unnecessarily for 30 years due to the refusal to stop administering the vaccine.

Another thing to think about in the face of scare tactics and vaccine success stories is whether or not the mass inoculation was truly successful. As stated before, many vaccines were chosen based on disease statistics that illustrated already declining rates of occurrence. However, these same diseases that the government and medical community attributed the vaccines as being the reason for prevention also were substantially reduced in other countries where mass vaccinations do not even take place. If the vaccines were responsible for the reduction, why did the non-vaccinated masses also experience the decrease in occurrence?

All of these points are illustrated to illuminate the shaky ground that the very foundation of the vaccination process exists. It is imperative for people to be sick in order for one of the biggest business in the world (sick care) to dominate. If nothing else, this weak leg and conceivable theory is a cause for suspicion at the very least.

There has been an absolutely alarming increase in the rate of childhood neurological disorders, namely Autism. In some cases autistic symptoms were displayed almost immediately in children who displayed no such traits prior to receiving the vaccine. That is nothing to brush under the rug. The outright denial of any correlation by the government and pharmaceutical companies shows an outright disregard of accountability. Even more disturbing is that during the Bush administration, the federal government not only ordered documents linking Autism and vaccines to be sealed, but actually passed a law protecting the pharmaceutical companies from being sued from a vaccine injury. If these vaccines are truly safe, then why the shielding of those responsible for the implementation?

The recommended schedule of vaccinations for children up to age 6 includes that of approximately 33 doses to account for about 15 different diseases. A child’s immune system does not even begin to develop the capability of building anti-bodies until at least the 2nd to 3rd month after birth. Yet the first dose of the Hepatitis B vaccine is to be administered prior to the little one leaving the hospital when an immune response in the child is not yet even possible.

The child is also prenatally exposed to an influenza vaccine while still in the womb. Again referring back to my Flu Shot post, one of the ingredients in that vaccine is anti-biotics. Before the child has an immune system, it is protected by anti-bodies passed from the mother by way of the placenta. Giving the mother anti-biotics will kill her anti-bodies, thus disabling nature’s intended protective maternal transfer.

The use of toxic metals as powerful adjuvants (chemical stimulants to trigger an immune response) must not be overlooked. These adjuvants, such as aluminum and mercury, have been shown to cause powerful immune stimulation in the brain for up to two years. This over activity can cause all sorts of mis-wiring within the brain that is evident in various developmental disorders.

The mercury used in vaccines is second in toxicity only to uranium and is 1000 times more toxic than lead. It is no coincidence that symptoms of Autism match that of symptoms of mercury poisoning. Mercury’s destructive nature is amplified by the fact that it accumulates in fat, which is what the majority of your brain is made of. This fact alone spits in the face of claims that the dose of mercury used in vaccines is a “safe” dose. Due to the fact that the mercury bio-accumulates, there is no safe dose. Period. Couple the mercury with some aluminum or formaldehyde (both extremely destructive in their own right) and the mercury’s toxicity is amplified substantially.

To bring a child into this world today is truly a brave and noble thing. Having the responsibility of making choices that have the potential to affect that tiny human being for life is something that I do not envy, but God willing will encounter soon. It is of my belief that in all the miraculousness of our being, most of us come fully equipped with a blueprint that includes a potential immune system. This immune system is made stronger when naturally challenged during its critical developing stages, not when bombarded with poisons and artificial viruses. An infant being breast-feed, sleeping 16-20 hours of a day, and eventually moving to solid foods rich in vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants has a far greater chance to naturally develop and fortify their immune system. It is important to incorporate regular check-ups with a doctor to ensure your child’s nervous system is flowing properly. (Of course a Chiropractor is best suited in this area but this isn’t a pitch for me.) Just ensure you’ve selected a healthcare provider who can naturally and adequately assess the needs of your child without being influenced by the monetary incentives of the pharmaceutical industry.

Whatever you do or have done, what you perceive as the child’s best interest was and is clearly always at heart. It can be a confusing and terrifying world out there in which you have to do what works for you. At the very least, I hope this provoked some thought into a cloudy issue.


Relative trends in hospitalizations and mortality among infants by the number of vaccine doses and age, based on the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), 1990-2010. Hum Exp Toxicol October 2012; 31(10): 1012-1021.

2 responses to “Childhood Vaccinations: A Cloudy Issue

  1. Phenomenal write up on vaccines. Makes me feel better about my decision to not vaccinate my daughter, aside from my mom and wife saying I am being an irresponsible father by not vaccinating. However, when my daughter was born, I left that evening to attend to my relatives who were visiting for that occasion, only to find that on my return to the hospital the next morning, they had given my daughter the Hepatitis B vaccine without my permission. Apparently, they asked my wife to sign paperwork allowing them to administer the vaccine, after she had a sleepless night and a long painful labor. She said she was so disoriented that she had no clue what she was signing even though they explained it to her. Makes me wonder about the degree of negative impact that one vaccine has had and will have in the future on my daughter. Thanks again for the write up.

  2. Fantastic info. Appreciate the objective delivery. Damn JR, sorry to hear about that. In the face of this blatant and terrible corruption it’s no wonder that midwifery and home-schooling are on the rise. Of course the stats aren’t reported mainstream but that’s what’s happening. I also don’t have a kid so I can’t know for sure but I think I’d be ok with both those things if left without the option of not vaccinating. I love seeing people wake up to this stuff. Again, thx for putting this out there.

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