What To Expect

We know the decision to choose a health care provider can be a tough one and we appreciate you considering us.  We will do all we can to make you feel as comfortable as possible while under care at Clarke Chiropractic and Wellness.  Because this relationship is a partnership between doctor and patient, you are encouraged to constantly ask questions and actively take part in your treatment, as well as the learning process.  We look forward to growing together.


No matter what circumstance may have brought you to our office, the process can be expedited by filling out some of the paperwork in advance.  All intake forms can be found in the dropdown menu above, under New Patient Info.  Printing and filling out the General Intake Form, Metabolic Assessment Form, and whatever other relevant forms specific to your predicament can be done at your convenience prior to arriving at our office.

Upon your first visit, Dr. Clarke will go over your paperwork with you, asking and answering any questions that may arise.  After this, a thorough examination will be performed, concentrating closely on the areas of concern, but assessing the entire body as everything is connected.  We will work together to not only address the symptom (pain, numbness, etc.) but to discover the underlying cause and make the changes necessary to avoid these discomforts in the future.

Depending on the complexity of issues involved and the time you have available, Dr. Clarke will go over the findings with you on the same day or as soon as you can make it back.  Dr. Clarke will give you his opinion as to the issue(s) and what we can or can’t do to address them.  All options will be discussed and as a team we will decide the best game plan, with you as the patient ultimately deciding if you would like to commit and work together.

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