Wild Tuna Salad Wrap with Sweet Potato Chips

As my wife continues to walk around with another human constantly attached to her side, I find myself taking the initiative to step up the culinary skills on the weekend.  Essentially the weekend carries the same potential pitfalls as the weekdays as far as failing to plan equalling planning to fail.  Next thing you know you’ve stuffed yourself with an overpriced, subpar pizza and  are left with that lingering mental and physical food hangover.

While it is nice, almost necessary to indulge at times (and the weekend seems to be as good a time as any), I personally do not enjoy the aftermath of the “cheat meal,”  especially after eating clean and feeling great all week.  So, the weekend cooking has commenced and below is a cool, light labor day weekend dinner for your enjoyment.


1 lb. of fresh, WILD (not farmed) Tuna

(We prefer Atlantic Seafood in Port Canaveral for our fish, but Publix carries WILD fish as well. MAKE SURE YOU READ THE LABEL or ask.)

1 cucumber
1 tomato
1 onion
4 avocados

Kale or another super green (chard, spinach, etc.) to fill the wrap

2 sweet potatoes

Olive oil
Garlic salt
Coconut oil

Additional seasoning of your choice

Warm pan (ceramic or cast iron preferred) on stove top (low-med range) and coat with coconut oil.

Preheat oven to 350.

Thinly slice two large sweet potatoes and distribute one layer cozily on a baking sheet.  Place in oven and let cook for approx. 20-30min.

(As I’ve noted on previous posts, neither of us use a cookbook or exact ingredients/times, so you’ll want to keep an eye on the chips and when they start to wrinkle/appear drier on top, it’s time to take them out and individually flip each one. That’s right, I said individually.  The thinner you slice the quicker they’ll cook so keep an eye on those puppies.)

While chips bake, dice the cucumber, tomato, and onion.

Cook tuna on pan to your liking.
(I prefer a more raw/seared tuna, but for the sake of the salad and my wife, a more even cook may be your best bet.)

Once tuna is done and cooled (don’t forget to check on the sweet potato chips) dice and mix in large bowl with the diced vegetables.

You can season the salad however you want.  I scanned the fridge and utilized an organic marinade bought from the Sunseed Co-Op for a past meal.

(The marinade is an easy way out, but delivered a nice cool, citrus taste to the salad. Traditionally when we think tuna, chicken or egg salad we think mayo, but we’re looking for a healthier choice here.  Instead of using the mayo, next time try mixing the salad with a healthier marinade (read the label) or some fresh guac.)

Mash up the 4 avocados to use as a spread and adhesive for the wrap.
(If you’re feeling real ambitious go all out and use some fresh homemade guacamole.)

Pull chips out of the oven and season in a large bowl with olive oil, fresh parsley and light garlic salt; or simply cinnamon depending on your mood.

Warm gluten free wrap briefly (again, our local co-op had a nice selection) in oven and fill with a layer of avocado spread, kale and tuna salad.

Serve with your chips and enjoy.

Tuna wrap

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