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Thoughtful Thyroid Theory: A Logical, Step-Wise Approach

Immune System Spotlight: The “D”ata exists, “D”on’t be “D”eficient

The plethora of benefits from this fat soluble “vitamin,” which is commonly referred to as a hormone due to the way it behaves & interacts within the body, are wide spread.  The ideal (and free) way to boost and maintain optimal levels is through intelligent, skin-type specific, dosage of UVB sun exposure, but for those who can’t (or won’t) utilize the sun as a driver for Vitamin D and so much more, there always exists the next best option.

In today’s somewhat surreal climate, we want to boost our immune system and confidence by implementing various strategies (diet, lifestyle, supplemental, or otherwise), that are not only relevant to enhancing the resilience of the entire interconnected and interdependent body, but also have studied and observed mechanisms behind them that may make them increasingly beneficial when focusing on the pathogenic immune target (viral or otherwise) of the day.

Stay smart.

Supplement smart.

Live smart.

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VIRUS SPECIFIC IMMUNE SUPPORT Don't be "D"eficient .. As we all watch & listen to the unique situation unfolding before us, there comes the potential for panic due to a lack of loss of control… … (which never really exists in the first place, but that's another #mindfulnesspractice based topic for another day…but OOOHH how important #consciousness & #consciousliving is all the time; especially amidst the uncertainty… .. well, that became the start of a #rabbithole quite rapidly. Reeling it back in…) .. In times like this we often react & respond in an attempt at mitigating the perceived lack of control; take back some control of you will… … While there is no way to gain total control & certainly no guarantees that our well intentioned actions will generate (or prevent #preventativemedicine ) a particular outcome, we still try. .. And there's nothing wrong with that. It gives us a sense of #optimism ; of #hope perpetuating increased proximity to a #peaceofmind state. And the #stateofmind can be just as influencial in potentiating & maintaining #health as any of the other things we have been discussing. #powerofthemind #mindbodysoul #mindbody .. Do what you can do. Do what makes sense to you. Continue to #livestrong through prioritizing #sleep #nutrition #movementculture #stress & things like #vitaminD and such. .. Then…#letgo #beopen to the inevitable change & unpredictability that is the world around us. Stop wastefully worrying & energize enjoyment…(I ♥️ alliteration)

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Potentially SARS CoV2 specific?  You be the judge.  If it makes sense, implement the strategy.  If not, move on and keep searching for those that resonate with you.

Anti-Viral Immune Support: The What & How It Applies To COVID-19

There a million and one potential ways to support the immune system.  We all want an appropriate and balanced immune response when necessary.  In light of this ongoing SARS CoV-2 saga ever evolving before our eyes, we wanted to dive a little deeper and go beyond the generic immune support, and look to what may potentially be an advantageous add going forward into the fall; a time when things like the flu, and other corona viruses that circulate every year see an annual up-tick.

Prepare yourself.  Make the lifestyle changes necessary to decrease susceptibility and increase resiliency to all pathogens and toxic stressors to the body.  Here are a handful of situationally specific nutritional supplements that we have chosen to focus on both personally and clinically.

Good luck.

Be and stay well.


Food Sensitivity Testing: When and Why

Food Sensitivity Testing: When and Why


Intermittent Fasting & Time Restricted Eating: Potential to Influence Insulin & Thus Obesity & Disease

Intermittent Fasting and Time Restricted Eating: Potential to Influence Insulin & Thus Obesity & Disease