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Healthy Alternatives: Open Faced, Grain Free, Grass Fed Burgers

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This is an additional variation of a post my wife added awhile back.  Feel free to check our NUTRITION AND RECIPES section (located along the top menu bar) for that and more ideas.

Another disclaimer on this post: we actually don’t eat red meat that often.  This may be a once a week thing, and it usually comes on a Friday or Saturday when we’re being creative; hence the posted recipes.

Regardless, the following is another way to enjoy a classic without any guilt or negative after effects.



1 lbs. Grass Fed Beef

1 Green Pepper, Onion and Mushroom (preferably organic for optimal health)

2 Haas Avocados

1 Organic Egg Plant

Non-Pasteurized, Raw Sauerkraut (or another variation of it, i.e. kim-chi.  What is kim-chi? A fermented mix of vegetables and spices with Oriental dissent.)

2 Organic Roma Tomatoes

Desired Spices for the Meat (cumin, garlic, ground pepper, and oregano)



Preheat large pan on Med-Low to Med, lather with coconut oil (unrefined).

Dice green pepper, onion and mushroom and mix it, along with your seasoning (cumin, garlic, ground pepper, and oregano)  with the meat.

If you really want to set it off, you can put in the time and make some home made guacamole as we did. (We’ll unleash our favorite recipe for our beloved guacamole at a later date.)  However, slicing up avocados will do if you don’t have the time.

Dice the Roma tomatoes.

Slice the eggplant in slices approx. 1/4″ to a 1/2″ thick, and fry them in the preheated, coconut oil lathered pan.  Continue to flip, frying both sides and removing before too much of a browning reaction takes place on the eggplant.

Set the eggplant aside and reapply coconut oil if needed.  Shape the meat/veggie/seasoning mixture into patties of your desired thickness. (Make sure you pack it tight so it doesn’t crumble when maneuvering in the pan and consuming).

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Cook the burgers in pan to your desired temperature, again constantly flipping in an effort to avoid too much of a browning reaction on each side of the meat.

As the burgers near ready, spread a thin layer of your fermented, non-pasteurized sauerkraut on the eggplant.  Place the burger on top and cover with your delicious guac (or simply sliced avocados if you’re lazy…I mean pressed for time) and diced tomatoes.

And there it is; healthy classic treat without the dairy, grains or pro-inflammatory Omega 6s.

(If you LOVE picking your burger up and eating with your hands, feel free to cut the eggplant thicker and double the amount so you can close that bad boy up and enjoy the meal mentally as well.)

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Flu Shot???

With all of the information out there, the possibilities for the first “real” post were endless. However, I decided to go with something that has been in the headlines quite frequently these days and is always the subject of constant controversy and debate. It is something that pertains to each and every one of us as we all have the desire to remain healthy and feel good. The topic I am referring to is the infamous flu shot and whether or not to take part in the injecting of the masses.

First let’s look at your choices. In this country, for the moment, you still have the right to refuse the vaccine. Although if you’ve clicked on any of the recent headlines that pop-up on your computer screen, you’ve seen that people are beginning to lose their jobs due to refusing vaccination. Your other two choices are to receive an injection (the Flu Shot) of an inactivated or “killed” influenza virus or utilize a nasal spray which contains a live, but weakened influenza virus, sprayed directly into your nostrils. The concept behind the vaccine is that the virus contains these things called ‘antigens.’ When antigens are detected, a properly functioning immune system will respond by creating anti-bodies to combat the foreign invader. The idea is that if you happen to come across that identical viral strand, you should be protected due to the fact that you were previously armed with specific antibodies by the vaccine. You usually do not contract the flu virus from the vaccination, because it is supposed to be deactivated by nutritious substances like formaldehyde, therefore creating an immune response, but not an outright infection.

Unfortunately the flu virus is one that is constantly mutating and the viruses used in the vaccinations are predictions based upon data compiled by the World Health Organization and Center for Disease Control. It is at best, a guess based on trending viruses and past successes. Even further, the CDC makes no denial that you can still actually still contract the flu. This isn’t just due to being infected with a strand that it isn’t included in the vaccine, but actually still contract the flu from the identical strand featured in the vaccine. Even further, The Lancet (a general medical journal) recently published a study noting actual prevention of influenza in 1.5 for every 100 people vaccinated. That is a 1.5% chance that the vaccine will actually work in its “intended” manner. In comparison, the same study illuminated that with the concoction of toxic chemicals used in the vaccines, the likelihood of serious neurological side effects occurring is 7.5%. By these numbers, that would make you 500 times more likely to be harmed than helped by the vaccine.

Another issue with the influenza vaccine and other vaccines is that there are no long term studies done on them. A recent Natural News article presented an interesting perspective: “Vaccines are considered “effective” if they merely prevent the flu. But what if they also cause a 50% increase in Alzheimer’s two decades later? Is that still a “success?” If you’re a drug manufacturer it is, because you can make money on the vaccine and then later on the Alzheimer’s pills, too. That’s probably why neither the CDC nor the FDA ever conducts long-term testing of influenza vaccines.”

If you’re already convinced that you need/want the flu vaccination, you should know exactly what else you are putting into your body. Despite many tireless searches on the CDC website to uncover the exact ingredients contained in the latest flu shots, they only make mention of a few common characters that appear in vaccines.


Why? Per the CDC, it is “To promote an earlier, more potent response.”

The Hazard they do not tell you about is it: Amplifies the toxicity of Mercury. Has been linked to Alzheimer’s and dementia.


Why? Per the CDC: “To prevent the growth of germs/bacteria during the production and storage of the vaccine.”

Hazard: Anti-biotics do not discriminate. They destroy all bacteria, good and bad within your body. It is essential to cohabitate with a healthy population of intestinal bacteria also known as flora (pro-biotics). These bacteria line your gut and allow for proper digestion, absorption of nutrients and protection against entrance of foreign invaders. While the anti-body-antigen combination described above is crucial in the make-up of you immune system, it only compromises about 30% of your immune system. The other 70% is made up of your flora. So by taking a vaccine or any anti-biotic for that matter you are automatically wiping out 70% of your immune system.


Why? “To kill viruses and bacteria that may contaminate the vaccine during production.” – CDC

Hazard: This is the same well known carcinogen (cancer causer) that is used to embalm corpses. It has been linked to blindness, brain damage, seizures, liver damage, gastrointestinal issues, reproductive deformations, respiratory distress and cancer. Recent studies have shown that on occasion formaldehyde actually fails to deactivate the virus in the vaccine, leading to an actual injection and infection with a live virus. Opps.

Monosodium glutamate (MSG)

Why? “To stabilize the vaccine” – CDC

Hazard: This substance is well known to be toxic to your nervous system; the nervous system that includes your brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves; the same nervous system that governs pretty much every function in your body. We are talking about voluntarily poisoning it and opening the door for a multitude of disorders and brain damage.

Thimerosal (mercury containing preservative)

Why? “Used on vials that contain more than one dose to prevent contamination or bacterial growth”

Hazard: In as far back as 2003 the government published a report acknowledging a direct link between vaccines containing thimerosal and neurodevelopmental disorders in children, mainly autism. There is no safe limit of mercury exposure due to the fact that mercury accumulates in your body when you are exposed to it. Small doses add up to accumulated, toxic amounts.
While many vaccines claim to be “preservative” free, the flu vaccine is not one of them. The use of mercury is needed to continue to produce the mass quantities of the vaccine at a favorable price as well as prevent contamination in vaccine doses that contain more than one strand. This year’s flu vaccine is tri-valent, meaning it contains 3 different strands.

As with all posts, the intention here is to provide information to be used at your discretion. Once provided with the information and knowledge, you can become empowered to make an educated choice based upon your own personal belief systems and the information presented before you. Can the flu shot prevent the flu in some people? Maybe. Does everyone that is exposed to the accompanying ingredients demonstrate immediate symptoms? No. Do these ingredients increase the likelihood of serious, life altering conditions in the future? More and more research points to yes. So it comes down to a probable cost vs. a statistically unlikely benefit analysis. If you do choose to forego the flu vaccine, it is all about maintaining a healthy lifestyle with proper nutrition, supplementation, sleep, exercise, hydration and chiropractic care in order to optimize the functionality of your immune system. More on how to do that to come in the future…

Good luck out there….