Probiotics get a massive amount of mention these days and for good reason.  The evidence behind the microbiome and its connection and influence on the rest of the body is mounting by the day.

But rather than just follow the trends, let’s illuminate why this aspect of your body’s ecosystem is important for a plethora of reasons; ESPECIALLY when it comes to arming yourself with a balanced, appropriate immune response to whatever pathogen (virus or otherwise) you will inevitably encounter.

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THE CORONA COUNTER CONTINUES MORE FOUNDATIONAL IMMUNE SUPPORT .. This is a must as the implications that a #balanced #healthy #microbiome have gone way beyond #guthealth & facilitating a #strongimmunesystem .. These intestinal critters that include your classic #probiotics but also various fungal strains (#sboulardii *also shown to be a local #siga enhancer and thus #virus fighter ) & more, play a major role in #nutrition & making the most of your #healthyeating #healthyhabits in that they convert &/or assimilate many of the #nutrients we ingest & so desperately need to even mount an effective #immunesystem response to the #corona or #influenza #virus .. As articulated, your intestinal environment aka your microbiome, which populated by your #microbiota or the friendly #flora & beyond that dwell there, influence the other major barrier systems of your body as well, playing a role in #brainhealth (#gutbrainconnection ) #skinhealth (we’ve seen numerous times how a comprehensive #probiotic regimen can help attenuate or eliminate those #topical or #dermatological manifestations) & our current #coronavirus focus…#respiratoryhealth .. The benefits are beyond plentiful & mounting by the day.  This one truly seems to be a no brainer packing massive potential upside & minimal downside. .. #healthygut #healthyyou

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TYPES OF “Probiotics:”

The “Classic” (Lacto/Bifido Blend):

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PROBIOTICS: MAXIMIZING BENEFIT .. . A few points here when it comes to #probiotics Amidst all of varying opinions expressed as to best #immuneboost during this time of concern, fortunately use of a #probiotic seems to be agreed upon. .. . This is no doubt a step in the right direction as for years now many #gut experts, gastroenterologist alike, have been poo-pooing (bad #guthealth joke) the efficacy of using these #nutritional #supplements , commonly citing a lack of evidence & research. .. . This can prove quite unfortunate as it leads to many trusting individuals missing out on potential help, due the oft dissmisive, close minded & at this point ignorant state of the so called authority figure. .. . Simply implenting dietary adjustments concurrent to a thoughtful, up to date, comprehensive probiotic regimen, using independent, 3rd party tested & verified formulations has been nothing less than a game changer for many of our patients, family & friends. .. . But this confident proclamation is not being made solely on the back of antecdotal evidence.  There are actually over 500 & counting published research papers backing a plethora of benefits behind probiotic supplementation; specifically of the #lactobacillus & #bifidobacterium variety; no doubt the most researched & supplemented genus of #gutbacteria .. . Benefits have been shown to include #guthealth #skinhealth #immunehealth #brainhealth improved #mood & beyond. .. . With a million & one brands on the market, & the inevitability of unethical, immoral practices transpiring for the love of the dollar over all else; it is imperative to find a reputable, transparent brand that does indeed subject their product to independent, 3rd party testing. .. . We strive to use only these brands; coupled with the cleanest labels both personally & clinically.  Starting your journey off with a strong probiotic (12-14 different strains; 25-100 billion CFUs) is no doubt a legitimate place to start when it comes to optimizing your #microbiome & establishing a foundation to build all other aspects of health. .. . But we can do better than that. And we will… . .. Stay tuned…

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The Mycobiome.  The Friendly Fungi & Saccharomyces Boulardii

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POTENTIATING PROBIOTIC POWER THE WHOLE STORY . .. The 2nd essential #probiotic player (in addition to the “traditional” #lactobacillus & #bifido blends) is actually not technically in the #probiotics family of #gutbacteria at all. .. . Our 2nd #health propogating character in this comprehensive cast of #immunesystem enhancers is known as #saccharomyces #boulardii & is a non-pathogenic #yeast … making it an MVP of our #mycobiome (rather than the #microbiome ) which is comprised of the essential & beneficial yeast &  #fungal friends. .. . This increasingly acknowledged & studied aspect of our internal ecosystem has been shown to not only boost its own #healthylife perpetuating perks, but also work synergystically with our other 2 classes of “probiotics” to complete the latest understanding of best available #guthealth & beyond. .. . Specifically, #sboulardii has been shown to increase bowel transit time (#constipation ), counter the common fungal #infection : #candida or #calbicans , & improve glucose #metabolism .. . Perhaps most relevant to the current #corona climate is the observation that S.Boulardii has been shown to increase the production of sIgA, our first line of defense against #pathogenic #bacteria #parasites #yeast & the focus of the day: #viruses .. . All of this plus more makes saccharomyces boulardii a logical addition to your up to date, best available probiotic regimen.

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The “Up & Comer” to complete the Comprehensive Microbiome Makeover: Soil Based

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MAXIMIZING PROBIOTIC IMMUNE SUPPORT .. . COMPREHENSIVE GUT "RESEED" X 3 . .. So there we have it for this brief 3 post dive into going beyond the simple, generic & comparitively limited #probiotic #nutritional #supplement .. . We bring this to you in an attempt to keep you up on the latest support already available to you, your #microbiome & #immunesystem – #virus defense & resilience. We don't need to wait for the mainstream to catch up & finally endorse. The support already exists & their is mounting data (check PUBMED) to back it up. . .. We have started to implement this #reseed #gut tune up for many patients who have either already completed a #healandseal regimen &/or express the need for this approach to start things off. Either way proves to be an intelligent way to kick off the journey into true, lasting #holistichealth .. . In summary, we have highlighted a robust (in both #cfu count & strain variety) "traditional" blend (#lactobacilli &#bifidobactetia ) , a #mycobiome supporting #saccharomyces #boulardii & now these #soilbased #probiotics .. . Enhance the #microbiome with all resources available & yield the benefits. .. .. #bewell #staywell #positivevibes #choosehealth #seizetheday

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