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Foam Rolling 101

There are a massive amount of intelligent ways to proactively keep that #bodymoving or expedite the #healing & #recovery process. Use of a #foamroller or #foamrolling can potentially be a facilitator to #injuryrecovery #manualtherapy #myofascialrelease #fascia

I say POTENTIALLY because like everything the application is not one size/one condition fits all. It really does depend on the #softtissue #injury or area you are intending to change, the mode of application & as always, how one’s body responds to #therapy

Application of #manualtherapies & techniques is just like various #nutritional & #lifestyle strategies in that although certain foundational aspects may be widely applicable, everyone responds differently & has different needs based on their unique #anatomy #physiology #genetics #epigenetics & history. These 2 core principles to this potentially beneficial DIY #mobilization #softtissuemobilization technique should be acknowledged & applied before beginning down the road in order to better set you up for success from your efforts.

Utilizing a #foamroller can potentially be a solid add to your #proactive #bodywork #mobility #strengthening & lengthening efforts. We are laying out what we have found to be some of the basic tenants to cover to encourage beneficial changes rather counterproductive harm. We should know what we are #foamrolling & why we are rolling it from an objective standpoint (i.e. #injury #healing #recovery v. #softtissue maintenance & #fascia #myofascial work) as well as from an #antanomical perspective to protect against well intentioned, but ignorant injury to structures like the #bursa #bursitis #antanomy #anatomyandphysiology

Breaking the targeted area(s) down into sections can also allow a more controlled focused #softtissuetherapy effort & outcome while concurrently mitigating the risk for #softtissuedamage #jointinjury local & distal to the application site.


Carb Cravings & Overeating: Why It Occurs & How To Control It

Based on our knowledge of the emotionally driven mechanism behind or unhealthy & destructive eating habits described above, below are two ways to curb this contributor to carb cravings.


Connecting the Dots: How “Stress” & Inflammation Can Destroy Our Mental Health, Mood & Happiness

We all know “stress” is bad, but how does it actually translate into poor health?

We all know INFLAMMATION is bad, but how does it translate into poor health?

Reviewing “Tryptophan Steal” which may provide a better understanding of the above:


Tracking Inflammation and thus potentially saving your Serotonin, Melatonin & Overall Health.


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