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Ignorance vs. Knowledge

I am sure everyone out there is familiar with the phrase: “ignorance is bliss.” To some extent this is true. However, if given the choice between knowing the truth and being empowered with the knowledge to alter one’s lifestyle in a beneficial manner or remaining literally fat, dumb and happy; which would you choose? The inspiration behind this blog is to lessen the ignorance and open eyes to what is truly going on in our own bodies and in the world around us. The goal is to educate and inspire positive lifestyle changes.

For those of you who don’t know, my name is Rich Clarke and I will be graduating from Palmer College of Chiropractic this March, and opening a clinic in Brevard County, FL soon thereafter. My initial draw towards chiropractic was stemmed by the all-natural, drug-free approach to healing. Through my journey over the past five years, it has since evolved into something much more. The recognition and appreciation for the complexity of the human body and how every system within it synergistically operates, enabling each of us to live, is truly a remarkable and delicate process. It is the appreciation of this delicateness and recognition of how internal and external stimuli can alter our bodies in positive and negative ways that continues to drive my passion to discover more. The intricacies of the body and how chiropractic, nutrition, and other lifestyle changes can be used to enhance function and improve quality of life will be explored and explained. There will also be ample attention paid to all of the mis-information out there, in an attempt to enable us to not just exist by mere survival, but to excel and thrive. I began by applying this knowledge to my own life and have since felt it was my duty to share it with my close friends and family. This blog is an attempt to enlighten and reach a larger audience, empowering you all with information that leaves you with the ability to make the best choices.

I will be putting out a couple of posts a week. They will attempt to provide perspective, knowledge, research backed information, and ways you can practically apply it in order to achieve optimal wellness, longevity, and happiness in your own life. Feel free to comment at any time with questions and or suggestions for a future post. I thank you in advance for joining me and hopefully I can assist you in making a difference in your life and the lives of those you care about.