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Rethinking Inflammation: When You Need It & How to Make it Work For You

Inflammation has long been recognized as a common denominator among the mass majority of unfavorable conditions. However, NOT ALL INFLAMMATION is bad. In fact, sometimes it is necessary; particularly when dealing with a musculoskeletal injury or perceived discomfort post exercise, workout or training.
In these cases, inflammation is actually an imperative component of the healing process. If we narrow mindedly block this due to applying a somewhat ignorant, across the board damnation of all inflammation, in an effort to avoid temporary discomfort, we actually delay and could outright block the healing process and our ability to fully recover.
Follow us now on the oft ignored explanation and mechanism behind this, and what you can do intelligently facilitate a healthy immune response, which includes that optimal healing and recovery we all want to achieve.

15 Ways to Attack Alzheimer’s

15 Ways To Attack Alzheimer’s


Hormones: Getting the Entire Picture

The Expanded Female Hormone Panel

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Boggled by #hormones or issues that have been presumed #hormonal ? . .. In order to successfully implement any type of #estrogen #progesterone or #testosterone modifying approach, we must get the entire picture of the hormone fluctuation that takes place during the ~28-35 day female cycle. .. An 11 sample saliva test, with samples collected periodically throughout the entire cycle (rather than one blood sample taken on Tuesday, @ 9:30am; day 6 of the cycle) allows us to chart, graph, and analyze the desired peaks, dips, and surges in the aforementioned hormones (along with their precursors: #fsh #lh and #dhea ) we need to see throughout an optimally functioning cycle. .. This provides the comprehensive view of the entire process, rather than incomplete snapshot taken on one day, completing disregarding acknowledgement of the known hormone fluctuations. .. This is crucial for all function, but is obviously pertinent for matters of #fertility , severity of #pms symptoms (i.e. #headache , #cramping , #bloating ), heavy bleeding, spotting, #pcos , and beyond. .. Check out an example of this test, along with an explanation of how we interpret the findings over at: https://onebody.live . .. #insulin #endocrine

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Intermittent Fasting & Time Restricted Eating: Potential to Influence Insulin & Thus Obesity & Disease

Intermittent Fasting and Time Restricted Eating: Potential to Influence Insulin & Thus Obesity & Disease


Getting a Hold of Auto-Immunity

Controlling Auto-Immunity